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Owner/Operator -Valerie Young
For a free consultation and screening call me at (360) 990-6008

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
The NCSF Certification is accredited by the NCCA
(National Commissions for Certifying Agencies)

Train from the inside out !

My mission is to show women how to empower themselves  through exercise, nutrition, and mindset. 

Let me design an exercise program for you, based on your individual needs.

PersonalFitSolutions is a licensed, privately owned personal training business that is located in Poulsbo Washington. As a NCSF Certified Personal Trainer, I use advanced training techniques to coach each client through their journey towards better health and fitness. All clients are prescreened to determine the safest exercise program for them. Due to minimal overhead cost, I am able to offer advanced personal training programs in a professionally equipped fitness studio at unheard of prices. Get ready for a better you ! My Bio is located at the bottom of my website! Thanks for visiting my website!

Client Testimonial:  "I've lost ten pounds and inches at PersonalFitSolutions.  My clothes are now too big !  Val really knows how to keep me engaged and motivated. Plus, she makes me laugh while I'm sweating!"  Rose

Client Testimonial: "Several weeks into Valerie's personalized program for me, I knew that this plan would be excellent for improving my overall health and well being. Valerie is exceptionally knowledgeable of her trade, and flexible regarding her schedule. I am extremely happy with my overall progress. I feel better, stronger and I really love how my arms look! I highly recommend Valerie to personalize a program for them. - Silvery

                    Special - $130 for 12 sessions/3x a week
PRICES:  Private - $180 a month 3x week - $10 for each extra days
Semi-Private - $130 per person (5 person max) per month - WHY SEMI-PRIVATE?  - When you train with others there is more laughter!
Do-It-Yourself 'ers - $130 - You will meet with me 1x a week to learn the routine and proper form for all exercises. In addition you will receive a printed form of your prescribed exercises for the 3 days. At any time you are welcome to make an appointment for more instruction help.

Fat Loss Training Program 16 weeks -  Learn how to lose body fat, not precious muscle tissue!  3x a week is best. However, if you are new to exercise, then 2x a week is probably a good place to start. Each exercise session is especially designed by your exercise prescription which will allow for proper tissue recovery.  

What are your personal goals ?       
Weight loss / Cardiovascular Endurance / Muscular Strength and Endurance / Balance  
 Coordination / Flexibility / Speed / Power / Injury Prevention

What are your concerns ?
Overweight and hate to exercise? /  Haven't exercised in 20 years / Never had a weight problem until now / In your healthy weight zone but your clothes don't fit like they use to ? / Higher than normal blood pressure - Are you exercising safely with your high blood pressure? / Are you unknowingly selecting foods that are putting your health in danger? /Is it harder to enjoy your favorite hobbies because of loss of strength and stannima ? Diagnosed with pre-diabetes? / Schedule a free consultation today !
  Valerie -  360-990-6008  or email me at:   valerie@personalfitsolutions.com

At  PersonalFitSolutions  I make sure you get one on one attention from the very beginning. We'll begin with a pre-activity screening to put together your personal needs analysis. A personal needs analysis consists of determining your body fat % to muscle mass ratio, blood pressure, resting pulse rate, cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and muscle endurance and range of motion. This is a free service to you. Your needs analysis combined with the goals you have set for yourself, enable me to fine tune your exercise program, making it your exercise prescription!  I personally guide you through your session to ensure that your form is correct and that you are engaging the correct musculature.  I also keep check on your heart rate to ensure that you are working within the right energy system for the desired goals of your program. When designing your program I have no problem consulting with other professionals that specialize in areas that I do not. My first concern is giving all my clients safe and productive results.

              I use a combination of functional and traditional training techniques to strengthen the whole body within a circuit format. Functional training incorporates a progressive approach to fitness that builds upon itself in strength, skill and movement efficiency. Functional strength training enables the body to work as a complete unit, and is for all ages and fitness levels. Functional training mimics natural movements of the human body. Adding tools such as dumbells/barbells/resistance bands/6 inch high balance beam/ropes/stability balls/balance boards/etc... helps to create real life inner strength. Traditional training is used to condition specific muscles that need extra attention.

Strengthen your body how it is suppose to be strengthen...from the inside out!
Coordination + BALANCE + MOBILITY =  STRENGTH You only have one body, so take care of it.  Accomplish something important while having fun.

-  Learn the importance of training from the inside out.  

 Decrease your body fat% with the right workout.

-  Find out how training on machines alone can  
    put you at higher risk for injury.

-  Smarter food choices effect your metabolism

-  The wrong workout snack will defeat your goals.

- Train movement, not just muscles ! 

Learn what post workout ritual guards against injuries.   

-  Stronger muscles and bones creates better mobility.

-  Circuit style workouts are fun and never boring.                                                                                                                            
Bio:  My Name is Valerie Young. I am a 48 years old, married 25 years, mother of two. My daughter graduated from Western Washington, and my son is currently attending Western Washington.

 I was born in Bryan, Texas ( Go Aggies ! ) but raised in Juneau, Alaska until I graduated from high school. I graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle in 1988. I married the love of my life in 1988 as well. We lived in Juneau, Alaska for a short while and then we moved to Boise, Idaho ( Go our beloved BRONCOS ! ) where we resided for ten years. We moved to Poulsbo, Washington in 2000. I love living in Poulsbo. The people are authentic and good spirited.

It is never too late to start living a healthier life. Towards the end of my thirties I ended up gaining a whopping 30 lbs due to a thyroid problem. The depression that usually follows a thyroid problem led me to take up a dirty smoking habit that I thought I long conquered. At 38 years of age, I thought, 'What am I doing? This is not how I want to enter my forties.'  So I got back into exercising in order to quit smoking. You cannot smoke if you exercise right ?!  I quit for good and lost all the weight. So amazed at how exercising regularly and making healthier eating choices transformed me back to a healthy weight, I then decided to work with a trainer to help me reach my next level of fitness. Self coaching can only work so far, even for the most determined ! As I reached my goal I  became completely devoted on learning all I could about exercise and nutrition. I'm a strong believer in preventative health care through exercise and nutrition. The goal is to live well for however long we are alive. Eating smart and exercising is something that all of us can control. We are stuck with the genes we are born with but that does not mean we are doomed. Eating smarter and exercising wisely will help to protect your system. Think of exercise and good nutrition as a couple of bookends - keeping things stabilized !

I received my NCSF Certification in 2010 and I am passionate about changing my client's lives through exercise, nutrition and mindset. 

 The NCSF Certification is one of the industry's premiere certifications.  It is accredited by the NCCA which is the most prestigious credentialing organizations in the world. NCCA which stands for the National Committee for Certifying Agencies serves as an external audit to help to ensure the health, welfare and safety of the public through the evaluation of all facets of the certification program and the organizations that assesses professional competency. The NCSF is committed to serving the public through research, service and advancement of the movement services. 


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